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Horizontal Scroll Gallery preview

I received an interesting question recently. Another developer asked about horizontal scroll and different effects attached to it. He shows me a video concept of some gallery and I thought that it’s worth it to create an example of something similar. So I did it. It looks like Locomotive Scroll works strange in the CodePen`s iframes, sometimes it stucks, but it’s expected. Iframes and custom scroll have always been a bad combination. But the whole demo is pretty nice in my opinion. Feel free to open it on CodePen and use it for your experiments too.

See the Pen Horizontal Scroll Gallery (Locomotive Scroll) by Ivan Bogachev (@sfi0zy) on CodePen.

Pet projects

Math slides
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The tool from my series of articles called "Math is not required for UI development". It creates slides with graphs and texts in the style of the school desk.

Promo Core preview
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Boilerplate for static promotional websites. Pug, LESS, PostCSS, ES6+, Gulp, Webpack, BrowserSync, ESLint, Stylelint, auto-generated docs...

Muilessium preview
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Simple UI framework. RSCSS, REM-based sizes, fluid typography and other nice ideas. This website is powered by it.