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Mandelbrot and Julia sets (WebGL versions) preview

At the beginning of my programmer’s career, I created a program for displaying fractals. I was very slow, of course. As I remember, it used WinApi to draw an image pixel by pixel in the window. But the fractals themselves made an impression on me. And it was the first “real” program I made. It gave me motivation to continue studying. Recently, I have a thought, that it’ll be a good idea to show my students the same program, but written in javascript and GLSL. So I created a couple of demos - one for the standard Mandelbrot set and another for the animated Julia set. I hope they’ll help my students too.

See the Pen Mandelbrot set (WebGL version) by Ivan Bogachev (@sfi0zy) on CodePen.

See the Pen Animated Julia set (WebGL version) by Ivan Bogachev (@sfi0zy) on CodePen.

See the Pen Julia set with mouse controls (WebGL version) by Ivan Bogachev (@sfi0zy) on CodePen.

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