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Promo Core - boilerplate for static promotional websites preview

Winter is a good time to update the boilerplates. So I started to develop a new boilerplate for promotional websites - Promo Core. It’s similar to html-template, but it’s not based on Muilessium anymore. I already included gulp plugins for generating SVG placeholders and documentation and I think I’ll add more tools to it in the future. The Promo Core is designed for static promotional websites, so there are no SPA frameworks in it by default and some architecture patterns looks too simple, but I use my previous experience and I think that is we need to develop such websites. Maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, the alpha version of the boilerplate is ready and I pushed in to GitHub. Feel free to use it for your projects, and please, open an issue in its repository if you’ll find a bug in it.

Oh, I almost forgot, check out this smiley with a wizard I created for this project!

ヾ( °-°)シ゚`・。・°*♪・゚’☆

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Promo Core preview

Boilerplate for static promotional websites. Pug, LESS, PostCSS, ES6+, Gulp, Webpack, BrowserSync, ESLint, Stylelint, auto-generated docs...