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1000 answers preview

Woohoo! I wrote 1000 answers to questions on (ex., the Russian alternative to StackOverflow). I don’t know, if it’s a lot or a little, but these answers helped me to learn, how to explain things in simple words, and they made me a reputation as a programmer. I think the 1000th answer is a good anniversary to celebrate!

Pet projects

Muilessium preview

Simple UI framework. RSCSS, REM-based sizes, fluid typography and other nice ideas. This website is powered by it.

Promo Core preview

Boilerplate for static promotional websites. Pug, LESS, PostCSS, ES6+, Gulp, Webpack, BrowserSync, ESLint, Stylelint, auto-generated docs...

Shaders Gallery preview

Library for creating galleries of photos with effects based on WebGL shaders.