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Image carousel - post preview

Image carousel is one of the most popular components. It’s being used by millions of websites. But usually we see pretty simple effects in it. SVG gives us the ability to greatly improve our carousels. And again I’ve used masking. It’s simple, but very powerful technology.

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Christmas Waltz - post preview

The winter is ending, but I’d like to present the Christmas waltz that I wrote a couple of days ago. This is a short, festive waltz for a chamber orchestra. I composed it for piano and it was a common etude for beginners. Later, when I tried to use synthesized strings and a glockenspiel, it was transformed into the beautiful composition. I like it and I think it can create a festive mood.

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Particles and WOW effects - post preview

A lot of people (I mean not regular people, but professional front-end developers) think that animations based on particles are difficult to implement. It’s not true. Every developer with basic skills in JS+canvas can create amazing effects very easily. I wrote an article about these animations.

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Text particles #2 - post preview

Previously I created a nice animation for the “404” page. The main idea of the animation was successful and I used it several times with small changes. One of these variants has been published on CodePen and I’d like to share it here too. I fixed the bug with opacity in Safari (it’s like the old IE requires personal approach) and both animations work in all modern browsers now. As always they are free to use.

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Infinite tunnel - post preview

A lot of interesting infinite patterns in CSS animations can be obtained from the one idea. This pen is an example of it. The animation consists of two steps with simple transforms. There are no rare properties or magic behavior in the example.

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Muilessium preview
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Simple UI framework. RSCSS, REM-based sizes, fluid typography and other nice ideas. This website is powered by it.

Ucavatar preview
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Unique avatars for your users. No dependencies, VanillaJS, 1.6KB gzipped.

Atlantic-dark scheme preview
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Dark color scheme for Vim. Mostly blue and green colors.