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16 types of programmers preview

A few days ago I published a little bit provocative article about the types of programmers. It looks funny, I used comic faces and some humor, but it’s very serious, actually. I drew people’s attention to the problem of the team management when the team includes developers with different psychological profiles. The thing is that when we make wrong choices and force an employee to work with another employee with specific behavior, which contradict with the beliefs or habitual models of the behavior of the first one, the productivity of the both employees becomes greatly reduced. They work slowly, they lose their energy, they make a lot of mistakes and increase the time of the development of the product. On the other side, when we let employees with specific pairs of psychological profiles work together, their productivity grows up. I wanted to ask people to share their experience on this subject, and shared my own book about human behavior to them. Unfortunately, the audience didn’t understand the purpose of the article. But despite this, I think that this publication and the question I asked are very important. Maybe I just asked it in the wrong place…

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