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Magical thinking preview

I published an article about magical thinking in my blog on Medium. It’s in Russian and it contains my personal observations and thoughts from other people with schizotypal disorder from countries of the former USSR. The information in the article shouldn’t be generalized for all patients with the same disorder or for people outside this region, but it’s still can be useful for psychologists.

Pet projects

Math slides
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The tool from my series of articles called "Math is not required for UI development". It creates slides with graphs and texts in the style of the school desk.

Promo Core preview
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Boilerplate for static promotional websites. Pug, LESS, PostCSS, ES6+, Gulp, Webpack, BrowserSync, ESLint, Stylelint, auto-generated docs...

Muilessium preview
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Simple UI framework. RSCSS, REM-based sizes, fluid typography and other nice ideas. This website is powered by it.