About me

Hello! I'm Ivan Bogachev and I'm UI developer. I specialize in promotional websites, SVG and WebGL animations and interactive guides.

Also, I'm an author and a mentor. I write articles about web animations and related topics in Russian and help beginner developers to understand how to use modern front-end tools.

I'm accepting the award for my article about WebGL shaders

I'm not a professional performer, but music is a big part of my life besides programming. In 2017 I wrote a book about flamenco guitar and in 2018 I published two collections of my pieces for piano and for piano and violin for children and for music school students.

My flamenco guitar method
My first book about flamenco guitar

I have mental problems. My illness called schizotypal disorder. It affects my life a lot. Initially, I started to study psychology and psychiatry to understand myself and to understand other people. During last year I structured the information I got and my own observations and wrote a book about human behavior.

The pyramid of adaptation
The pyramid of adaptation
The pyramid of adaptation - my book about human behavior

All my books can be downloaded from this page. I distribute PDF versions of them for free.

You'll find my contacts below. If you have a question, feel free to write me in English or Russian. Also, add me to friends on VK to not miss new books and articles.

Email sfi0zy@gmail.com
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