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ABCDE - post preview

This time I created an example of responsive infographics with hexagons. Probably you’ve already seen the similar design concepts. This one doesn’t work in IE/Edge because I used clip-path with polygon to create the hexagonal elements, but if you need to support these browsers, you can simply replace the clip-path solution with SVG images.

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Winter is coming...

It's time to create a Christmas tree with Three.js!

Check out my article about it (in Russian) and the source code!

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ABCD - post preview

A couple of days ago I found an interesting question on Habr Q&A. A man asked how to create a design concept with HTML and CSS. It’s a common question for this website and the concept looked simple, but nobody knew how to create it. The thing is the sides of the triangles in the concept must be parallel on all screen sizes, not only on fullhd. I accepted the challenge and created a prototype for modern browsers. It looks like we can’t create such design using CSS only, even for evergreen browsers, so I used JS to calculate the widths of the triangles based on the heights of the cards. But maybe someone will invent a new CSS trick for this type of calculations.

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Promo Core - boilerplate for static promotional websites - post preview

Winter is a good time to update the boilerplates. So I started to develop a new boilerplate for promotional websites - Promo Core. It’s similar to html-template, but it’s not based on Muilessium anymore. I already included gulp plugins for generating SVG placeholders and documentation and I think I’ll add more tools to it in the future. The Promo Core is designed for static promotional websites, so there are no SPA frameworks in it by default and some architecture patterns looks too simple, but I use my previous experience and I think that is we need to develop such websites. Maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, the alpha version of the boilerplate is ready and I pushed in to GitHub. Feel free to use it for your projects, and please, open an issue in its repository if you’ll find a bug in it.

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Golden canon grid - post preview

Today I would like to present my new article about Golden Canon grid. It’s not about the golden ratio, not about the history of book printing, but about websites. The modern CSS gives us a possibility to work with such grids without pain. CSS grid layout is the very powerful tool in this case. I explained how to use it when building promotional websites.

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Interactive plans - post preview

I answer questions on and every week I see questions about interactive maps there. A lot of beginners don’t understand how to create them. So I wrote a tutorial for them. I used SVG, leader-line.js and hammer.js to create an interactive plan with hover effects, arrows and popups. I hope it’ll be helpful.

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Learning WebGL?

Looking for a step-to-step tutorial without mathematics?

Check out my article about WebGL shaders with examples adapted especially for UI developers (in Russian)!

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The pyramid of adaptation - post preview

As you possibly know, I have mental problems. In particular, some my emotions were gone. I must observe other people a lot to copy their behavior and integrate myself into society. I did it for years and I got a system of human behavior in my head. I thought it’s time to make a book about it and the book has been printed. It’s called “The pyramid of adaptation” (“Пирамида адаптации” in Russian). The PDF version of the first edition in Russian will be distributed for free for non-commercial purposes and you can download it here.

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Pet projects

Muilessium preview
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Simple UI framework. RSCSS, REM-based sizes, fluid typography and other nice ideas. This website is powered by it.