Free books

Here you can download my books. They are distributed for free for non-commercial purposes (see CC BY-NC 3.0 for more information).

Free books
My books (2017-2019)

Pyramid of adaptation (2019)

This is a book about human behavior (in Russian). The book includes a model of adaptation to society, a lot of detailed descriptions of types of behavior and effective methods of influencing people. This model is a hypothesis, a very big one, and in 2021 I'm still testing it, but if you're into practical psychology - just read it. It can open a new vision of society for you.

Download the pyramid of adaptation

Pieces for piano and violin (2018)

Pieces for music school students.

Download the collection of pieces for piano and violin

Pieces for piano (2018)

Easy pieces for children. I wrote them when I was still learning to play the piano, but some of them are pretty nice.

Download the collection of pieces for piano

Flamenco guitar (2017)

My first book. This is a guide (in Russian) for classical guitar players who want to learn flamenco techniques and styles.

Download the flamenco guitar method