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A couple of days ago I received the email with the rules for the #codepenchallenge. I started writing the demo for it, but it was getting bigger and bigger. So I pushed it to GitHub repo instead. This is a WebGL globe with points for all earthquakes with magnitude more than 5 which happened last year. The live demo is here. This is an alpha version, so I recommend to use Google Chrome.

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Winter is coming...

It's time to create a Christmas tree with Three.js!

Check out my article about it (in Russian) and the source code!

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Zen launcher is the apps launcher for Google Chrome. Previously I used another launcher, but it has been hacked recently. So I wrote my own. If you are looking for a simple launcher with open sources - just try it. It’s nice.

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I used PostCSS for a long time. In the new article I created a compilation of the best PostCSS plugins in my opinion. They can save a lot of time while developing, but I often see programmers which don’t know about them. It’s strange. I wrote this article to show when we can use these plugins. I think every developer should try to do it.

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Learning WebGL?

Looking for a step-to-step tutorial without mathematics?

Check out my article about WebGL shaders with examples adapted especially for UI developers (in Russian)!

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placeholder Muilessium 1.0 - post preview

Muilessium is my pet project. For a long three years I used it for my experiments. I tried different methodologies, different tools and languages. I tested a lot of ideas and got a lot of experience. I was looking for a small, but powerful tool for structuring code in landings, personal websites, blogs and other simple websites. Usually their code is awful. Today I released Muilessium v1.0. I think it can be useful for someone else. Anyway, it’s time to create a stable version and make a little break.

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placeholder Double helix - post preview

A few days ago I played with different LESS mixins. It was boring a little and I’ve added some keyframes to my demo and got this nice animation. It was a Sunday, I wasn’t concentrated and made a couple of stupid mistakes in the code. Its performance can be improved, I know. Ana Tudor fixed them and created an alternative version of the animation. It doesn’t work in IE/Edge, but it’s very interesting. I like it.

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Pet projects

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Simple UI framework. RSCSS, REM-based sizes, fluid typography and other nice ideas. This website is powered by it.